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Life is unpredictable at times, and therapy is designed to help you to navigate the more difficult and challenging times throughout your life.  My approach to therapy is client-centered and holistic, including mind, body and spirit.  I also believe we are people whose lives are built on relationships.  My objective is to help clients to recognize their strengths, barriers to using these strengths, and to help them to discover the potential for their lives and relationships.  Therapy is a process to help bring about change in the life of the client, to learn how to make their life more meaningful and to enjoy a more full and satisfying way of being.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia and I would be happy to assist you in your journey toward better health.  The best way to find a counselor for you, with whom you will feel connected and will best suit your needs, is to schedule an appointment to talk.   Please feel free to contact me to schedule a phone consultation and we will decide then if we should schedule a meeting.
Elizabeth (Beth) Roberts
770 722 9158